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Reports and Statistics

Median ACT Scores of African Americans

Average ACT Scores of African Americans as of 2022

Engineering Class

STEM Workforce Facts

STEM workers enjoy a pay advantage compared with non-STEM workers with similar levels of education. Among those with some college education, the typical full-time, year-round STEM worker earns $54,745 while a similarly educated non-STEM worker earns... Read more >>

2022 National ACT Report

African Americans have the lowest median ACT score based on ethnicity at 16.1. View Report >>

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Labor Force Characteristics

As of 2021, only 34% of all employed African Americans works in the highest paying major occupational category and have the second highest unemployment rate among all races.


Income and Poverty

African Americans have the lowest real median income among all races at $46,600 as of 2020. Read more >>

Investment Chart
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Average Composite ACT Score per State

2022 State Percent of ACT-Tested High School Graduates, Average Composite Score, and Percent Meeting Benchmarks by Subject Read more >>

National ACT Report for African Americans

Only 5% of African American students met college readiness benchmarks in 2022. Read more >>

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The Condition of STEM

Students with an interest in STEM continue to show higher levels of college readiness than ACT-tested students as a whole. Underserved learners’ (i.e. African Americans, low income, and/or first generation in college) ACT STEM Benchmark attainment lags far behind their peers.

The Condition of College &

Career Readiness

The Condition report examines the college and career readiness of the 2019 ACT-tested graduating class. Learn how all students and specific student populations are performing compared to the ACT College Readiness Benchmarks , ACT STEM Benchmarks,  Foundational work readiness skills,  Core subjects, and Core curriculum. Read more >>

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