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Why the Drive to 25

The Drive to 25 is an initiative by t.Lab and the National Advisory Board which aims to increase the US based African American students' median ACT score to 25 by 2025.


This undertaking presents us with a significant challenge, however, the benefits of realizing this objective in a systematic and structured manner will change the tenor of life in America while addressing some of its most critical issues.

Goals and Activities

African american graduate 2.png


  1. To increase the median ACT score of African American students from 16.1 to 25 - a major benchmark which will occur in 2025.

  2. Guide and direct African American students into STEM majors in college and positions in the marketplace.


  1. National Press Conference to kick-off the initiative at Straight Gate International Church. Click the link below to watch the live recording.

  2. Introductory event in each state supported by the National Advisory Board Members and partner organizations.

  3. Provide supplementary education services to African American students prioritizing those with demonstrated needs.


african american community.png

The realization of the initiative will result to the following projected benefits within the African American community:

  1. Economic

    • Reduced college debts. Academic scholarships will increase, consequently reducing college debts

    • Increased median income. Families living below poverty line will decrease and median income will increase

  2. Health Care

    • Obesity rate and deaths due to heart disease and cancer will decrease.

  3. Quality of Life

    • Teenage pregnancy, incarceration, and divorce rates will decrease.​

A rising tide lifts all boats.

John F. Kennedy

About t.Lab

t.Lab Accelerated Learning Centers is a not for profit high performance learning laboratory founded in 2007 by Dr. Clarence and Mrs. Robin Nixon in Detroit, Michigan.


t.Lab has 13 years of progressively increased success in preparing parents and students with the core competencies needed to excel at the college level and in a global competitive marketplace.


One measure of t.Lab's success is the ACT score. In FY 2019-2020, t.Lab's median ACT score among high school students is 30.7. Its standardized processes and systems - especially digital content delivery systems - enable delivery of services throughout the country.

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